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Chevrolet Camaro 4th Gen 2-Sided Keychains

Chevrolet Camaro 4th Gen 2-Sided Keychains

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More than just a keychain

Imagine that you are walking outside to start your morning off with a rumbling cold start. Everything is set & ready, you've got your keys in hand, you open the door, hop in, turn the ignition on, & that American V8 rumble fills the air.

But now there's a problem. Your keys are lacking a companion to go along with your car. No worries because these fourth generation catfish Camaro keychains are ideal for both owners & fans who are seeking to add a small companion that makes a bold statement.

So the next time you are heading out to start your morning off with a rumbling cold start you'll be doing it with a slick looking keychain to match your ride.

⚠️We ARE NOT responsible for possible head-turning, neck-snapping, & eyeing of your keys.

Generic keychains are old news and bland

💪Durability without sacrificing looks. Each color's paint radiantly glows in the sunlight like when you’re done giving your car a fresh wash.

💎Made of glossy enamel that will stand the test of time, unlike cheap rubber.

🔎Detailed, accurate, & crafted with precision.

🎁Makes for a cool and unique gift idea for car enthusiasts and guys

✅Big enough to gather attention, but small enough to not interfere with your keys.

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Customer Reviews

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Looks dope

Can u make the 4th gen 93-97 Camaro version it looks better than the catfish in my opinion


Delivered as shown very happy and received before Christmas. Thanks !