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Turn your favorite photo into art & a 1-of-1 keychain

Turn your favorite photo into art & a 1-of-1 keychain

✔️Product satisfaction guaranteed

🚚Free Shipping

💬Friendly support to answer your questions & keep you updated

🛠️Unlimited revisions for your artwork

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Where do i send my photo to?

Once you've selected the photo that you'd like to use please upload it above.

More than just a keychain

Mass-produced, common, and dime a dozen.

How are these 3 words related?
They all describe the traits of bland, dull keychain options for automotive enthusiasts.
But what if you could change that?
What if you could make your own 1-of-1 key chain that is tailored just for you?

So the next time you are cruising around, going to your next meet, or simply doing some grocery-getting you'll be doing it with a small companion that makes a bold statement.

You may even turn some heads, who knows!

Now the question goes back to you.
How do you envision your 1-off keychain, and what will you do to make it one-of-a-kind?

What do i get?

There's a reason why the people we serve love us so much, here's the why.

🚀40+ Backgrounds for your art
💎High definition JPG files for use as: Phone wallpapers, desktop wallpapers, logos, shirts, stickers, hoodies, and more
📞Top notch service
🔑2.5 in (6.35cm) 1-of-1 Keychain of your art

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Crafted with Precision & Attention to Detail

We ensure every detail is captured, from the body lines to the lug nuts, for an accurate representation of your favorite photo

Stay In the Loop

See your ride transform into art with progress updates from start to finish

Allow Your Imagination to Run Wild

Unlimited potential for customization means that you can add anything onto your artwork & keychain with no boundaries

Be inspired. See how other like minded enthusiasts have joined the Injected Family  

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Isabella Navarro

i have been waiting 6 months now for my single keychain for $40. He does not respond to emails or messages. Does not answer the number provided. I got a few updates then he stopped responding. He’s done this to multiple people, where they never get their order or are stuck waiting months. Save your money.

Would no longer recommend. I just want my order or my money back

I ordered back in mid August; it was two custom car keychains. Communication has been very slim. After a few messages from me he responded a week later with a few progress pics of one of the cars. It’s been over four weeks with absolutely no response. His instagram has been inactive for over a year. However he started posting on tik tok. So I DM him on tik tok. No response. I left a comment on his latest video. Now he is no longer active on tik tok. I would greatly appreciate a response as I have also sent many contact forms, and I also tried calling the number on this website. I understand that he once said he was busy with orders but that does not constitute absolutely no contact. If you wish to order a custom keychain, at this time I would not recommend as it is a waste of money.

Quentin Heidt
1 of 1 Keychain

Thank you so much for the keychain!! It came out ABSOLUTELY perfect! Quality was on point and the keychain is just so cool to have with me on my keys while driving the car, hanging out of the key slot.

The @99Slowbruhh looks better than real life!!! Thanks again!


Great quality product, good communication and fast shipping.

Nicholas Bordenca
Perfect as usual

Ordered a custom illustration of my car and even asked him to edit the orientation of my car a bit and he was more than happy to make it happen! He send me progress pictures throughout the process and it came along quickly! He sent me multiple versions of the illustration with different background and once I received my keychain in the mail it was perfect! Exactly what I was looking for and he definitely exceeded my expectations!