Our Mission

Your keys. They're the most essential component to doing anything with your vehicle, and yet they tend to be overlooked at the same time. Something so small yet so crucial to being able to enjoy our vehicles can become taken for granted. Some of us may add on something small like a brand name logo or jet tag, but the biggest problem with those keychains is that there are so many copies already out there, like a clone army. While there were other people creating art and keychains at the same time, they were also charging outrageous prices for their services. 

This was something that bugged me as a car enthusiast because no one should have to shell out $99+ for one art piece and a keychain. So I set out and aimed to provide the automotive community with something more than just an afterthought to slap onto your set of keys and call it a day, while also being affordable at the same time. We should all be able to bring out our inner creative side and create our own 1-of-1 keychains without having to go through a massive paywall, and that is why Injected Designs was created. Whether you own a stance build, lifted truck, drift missile, overland rig, or anything with four wheels that you call your pride and joy, then let your vision and ideas come to life. Let's get to work.


Armen from Injected Designs